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client testimonials

Tesimonials below have been gathered from various online social media sites on the web (CitySearch, Yelp,, etc) . Feel free to check them out for yourself and leave send us your own feedback!

"THANK YOU, Jessica and the SHOCKra Dance Studio staff, for making my group's first experience with belly dancing and pole dancing absolutely enjoyable. We had so much fun that we're still talking about it days later. Despite our being older and in various sizes and shapes, not once did you make us feel out of place. Your energy and enthusiasm, coupled with your patience and earnestness to help us conquer the moves, really built our confidence. We stand a little taller, smile a little brighter and walk a little sassier because of you. Again, THANK YOU!"

"Our instructor was Stefania and she was wonderful! She made it extremely fun. We all learned really great new moves. She made us feel very comfortable. We all had a great time. I loved spinning on the pole lol. I would definitely recommend this place to people"

"Kari's Zumba class on Tuesday nights is everything that a Zumba class should be and more. This isn't your mom's Zumba class-you will be dripping with sweat afterwards, but you won't even notice because of all the fun you're having. She doesn't just go through the Zumba movements one after the other (as many Zumba instructors tend to do) She choreographs complete dances that are easy to follow and so much fun. Her music selection is great too. You feel like you're at a dance hall in Columbia. I couldn't recommend Kari's Zumba class enough."

"Took a pole dancing class here with Amanda. It was so much fun!! Amanda was great! We were a large group with a lot of personality but she kept up and then some. She really caters to your skill level and gives everyone personal attention. It was a workout but we laughed the whole time. Amanda is fun, energetic and funny! I highly recommend taking a pole dancing class here -- my friends and I are itching to go back!"

"Rica was glorious! Make sure you ask her to do her own routine at the end of class, she is phenomenal. This girl has some serious upper body strength and great moves! Smiling Rica gladly accommodated our boisterous and mildly intoxicated bachelorette party for my best friend from high school. No need to bring heels, you won't strip, but you might stub your toe if you're not careful. Don't want to give too much away because the fun of it is the unexpected nature of the class but you should definitely request Rica!

"Patty was an awesome teacher at the Beginner Hip Hop Class! She was very patient with those of us who have no clue when it comes to dancing, and she was actually able to teach someone like me some moves. :) Besides getting great exercise and learning some dance moves, the class was a lot of fun and filled with laughter -- a great experience!"

"I took the absolute beginner's Hip Hop dance class with owner Jessica. I had no dance experience coming in and I was definitely nervous, especially being a guy.

The class size was nice and small and Jessica put everyone at ease immediately. Everyone really was in the same boat experience-wise (a concern of mine) and the pacing of the class made it easy to follow Jessica. By the fourth class I definitely felt improved, and the one on one session included was very valuable at recognizing areas of improvement.

Jessica's instruction is easy to follow and she invites feedback to make the class as worthwhile for her students as possible, right down to asking for specific song selections during class. I am looking forward to taking another class at Shockra and would recommend Jessica for anyone else out there who would like to feel a little more comfortable on the dance floor." Douglas D. 3/30/2015

"I have no dance experience and I completed the absolute beginner club dance/hip-hop class with studio owner Jessica Hayden. It was a small class of only 5-6 ppl with plenty of individual attention. As an instructor Jessica had incredible energy and even though these were evening classes, she was able to get everyone pumped up and dancing. I'm the kind of person that when I tried to dance at a club or wedding, I didn't really know what to do with my arms and my feet barely moved. I'm glad I found a class where concepts that natural dancers know intuitively were clearly explained (e.g. to nod your head, where to place your hands, etc.). She does a great job of breaking down movements by explaining them in simple descriptive terms while showing you how to do them step by step. E.g. imagine your heel is touching hot water when it hits the floor, so you know to pull it back quickly, or imagine you're picking up a suit case when you're doing shoulder dips. You dance to music that you would expect to hear at any club/bar. I can definitely say after this I am more encouraged to go out on the dance floor and try out what I picked up in class. Additionally, the 20min private lesson that comes with the class is great, but I recommend doing 1 hour in order to accelerate the learning curve. I ended up taking the class again because I wanted to reinforce what I had learned, pick up new moves, and keep getting more confident. Overall, I think this series is a great way to gain confidence and feel comfortable going out dancing and having a good time." Brian B. 4/1/15

"This is, in my opinion, one of the best pole dancing studios in NYC (I have tried several).

A few highlights:

-1 girl to a pole (you'd be surprised how many of the studios in the area stack up 2 girls to a pole and still charge $45 a class)

-Reasonably-priced class packages

-Technical, appropriately-leveled instruction with personal attention

-Not too fast-paced for beginners

-Generous makeup class policy

-Classes aren't insanely overbooked (I was able to get several friends into a series)

Right now I'm taking a class with Amanda, who is great. She has a wacky sense of humor and is attentive to form. I appreciate the attention to detail and the humanity she brings to the class." Sally R. 2/2/15

"Took a pole dancing class here with Amanda. It was so much fun!! Amanda was great! We were a large group with a lot of personality but she kept up and then some. She really caters to your skill level and gives everyone personal attention. It was a workout but we laughed the whole time. Amanda is fun, energetic and funny! I highly recommend taking a pole dancing class here -- my friends and I are itching to go back!" -- Lisa F.

"I have been a student at SHOCKra for a couple of years now and I've never once had a bad experience. Rica is my favorite teacher; I can't get enough of her classes and keep coming back for more! I love how she accommodates whatever level you're at and knows just how much to push you to get you to your best and help you accomplish things you thought you'd never be able to do. The classes are such a good workout, not to mention confidence booster, no matter if you've taken pole for years or never had a class in your life.

PS: It's always awesome when I come in and Amanda is working at the front desk! She's so friendly and totally puts you at ease. Plus, she's also a great teacher- I did a make-up in one of her classes and loved it."

"I just finished my 6-week beginners program with Amanda and can't wait to take the continuation to this series with her again which I think really says a lot about this place! Unlike other places I've taken a class or two at, here each person has their own pole which means more time is spent learning the moves and practicing to perfect them. This also makes it easier for the instructor to check each student's progress, coach, and challenge them. Definitely worth the package price. Amanda's instruction is really great, and she is open to move suggestions if they're within the realm of the difficulty level you're at. She also allows different music to be played during the freestyle portion of the class (everyone has their own feeling sexy song, so it's great that this environment allows us to dance with our music as well). Ultimately, what I like most about this program, especially as a beginner is that it's a series, and I think that starting out the basics with the same instructor helps keep up my discipline. Over time I will try out different instructors to see other techniques, but I like the continuity as I'm starting out. Also, they're really great with their make up class policy and offer various options depending on their schedule (as they like to maintain their 1 per pole standard)."

"Beginning Hip Hop with Shockra's young new phenom, Patricia, was awesome! I really should have natural rhythm and great moves given my um blackground...but I never danced much growing up. Patty was so patient and took us through all the basics and reviewed them weekly before teaching new moves. My confidence grew each week as a result of her methods. She gives positive feedback when you nail a move, and if you're struggling with it, she seems to naturally and easily find another way to break it down EVERY TIME, until it's simple. I'm looking forward to more classes at Shockra. Patty is a keeper!"4/14

I have been to Shockra Dance Studio for 2 bachelorette parties as well as taking 3 6-week workshops. Most recently, I planned a bachelorette party for a friend. I wanted to give the bachelorette the best yet also wanted to be considerate of the friends' wallets. I chose shockra for the pole dancing class (having been there before with a great experience.) Our instructor, was very friendly, accommodating, patient, cute and fun, Every person commented on how sweet and informative she was. Her personality was happy, perky and pleasant all the time. She encouraged us to add our own flair and style to every sexy movement and chose music that made us feel like strutting our stuff. Once again, Shockra convinced me that it is THEE pole dancing studio for bachelorette parties!!! 2/14

"High level of energy, enthusiasm and passion to teach..this is what makes Jessica different from many others.. I had a fabulous experience with her recent Hip hop workshop at the ShockRa studios. This is by far the most effective dance workshop I have ever been to. I am only an occasional dancer but I can recall all of the 20+ moves she taught. Just 90 minutes of lesson gave me tremendous confidence. I was so impressed that I went back right next day for another workshop. All of this credit to Jessica's friendly and encouraging attitude, a quality I consider the most important for a dance teacher. Her knowledge and the overall environment of the studio are an added asset. Well I can't wait to step out to NYC clubs and enjoy the moves I learnt. I will certainly be at her next workshop in February !!!" Sam T 1/23/14

"My wife and I took the 90 minute crash course hip-hop class with Jessica. It was great. Jessica is very patient and extremely positive. She gives you the confidence you need no matter how much of a novice you are. She has a ton of energy all the way through. We are definitely going to sign up again!" Joe C. 1/21/14

"I've been a Shockra student since April of this year and I absolutely love this studio. I've taken the Pole level 1 and Pole choreography classes and I'm amazed at my progress. I've taken class with two very skilled instructors and enjoyed every minute of it. Many may feel apprehensive about taking a pole class, but Shockra's supportive environment instantly puts you at ease, allowing you to step outside of your comfort zone and become the sexy pole diva you were meant to be. There's no pole sharing here either. That pole is yours and only yours for the duration of the class. I don't know of any other studio that offers that. I love this place." Candi G. 12/18/13

"I fell in love with pole-dancing at Shockra. After taking two six-week sessions, I was completely hooked. Both of my teachers were amazing instructors and I learned so much in a short amount of time. Unlike other studios, where you might not touch the pole until a few weeks into the course, Shockra starts you out on day 1. I highly recommend starting out at Shockra. It's a great place to start learning the basics and building strength. The instructors are also awesome-- some of the stuff they can do on the pole is awe-inspiring." Gloria L. 12/16/13

I am an absolute beginner about to completely my first series, I had a great time and I am signing up for the next one.If you are thinking about doing this,just say yes!You win,you get to workout and have some fun while you at it. Come get your sexy back :)" Punea K 12/10/13

"I was really trying to find something to do that would be active but not be like going to the gym, which I hate. I thought I would give the Shockra Studio Pole Dancing class a try and I have never felt more rewarded. It's fun, creative, strengthening, and challenging. My teacher is awesome and really makes you feel comfortable and excited each time you walk in. I've done two series of beginner pole, so far and I can't wait to take the next level up." Kara G. 12/5/13

"We took a Buti Yoga class and had a fantastic time! We were 4 friends on a weekend stay in NY. I can truly recommend to try both buti yoga - you wont regret it =)" 11/16/13

“As someone who is a bit self conscious on the dance floor (my friends do moves called "the Susan" [for those who can't read, my name is Susan], and let's just say they aren't the smoothest), the intro to hip hop class sounded like a good idea to me. The class was full of other self-proclaimed non-dancers, but most of us at least has some rhythm. The class is definitely for the beginners of the beginners...we spent a lot of time learning to right-left-left-right and use our arms. Which was good, but I did feel like we spent a lot of time reviewing these every time each week. And the instructor spent a lot of time talking...we came to dance!” S.P. 4/26/13

“I've taken a bunch of 6-week pole dancing workshops at Shockra and loved all of them! They have fantastic instructors, each with their own unique style. One thing I like about this studio is that everyone always gets their own pole. No sharing, no waiting your turn to practice a trick, no swapping sweat via a common pole. Other studios in the city tend to have at least a 2:1 person to pole ratio, which is partially why I started coming here in the first place.” A.M. 2/04/13

"I just took the BUTI yoga class tonight with Paige. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but I have to say that it was so much FUN! I've tried it all: inten-sati, hot yoga, dance classes, spin classes, and this was by far one of the best workouts I've had. In incorporates all that I love about yoga, mixing it with HOT dance music and I know this sounds totally cheesy but it helped me connect with my inner goddess ;) It made me feel sexy and free and happy that I had little weight to lose because it was fun to shake my BUTI and throw it around while it lasts!! She's teaching again next Sunday at 5:30 and I will be there!" - L.R. 10/1/12

"I really like this place, I feel really comfortable here and it is moderately priced. It's a bit small but they are so nice and the classes are so good. Keisha is one of the best dance teachers I have ever had. Really fun, creative and never intimidating." - Gigi 8/6/12

"Great instructors with positive attitude - I love this place and look forward to the Zumba classes with Lauren every week...." Tazz 7/15/12

"I'm a loyal customer of Shockra Studio--I've been taking their six-week pole series for a few months, and I love it! First, the intimacy of the studio makes it totally unintimidating and private, which is great, and they're careful about not letting men in the studio, which is key. Second, I've had four different instructors (Rica, Robin, Keisha, and Aija) and they are all so sweet, and such talented dancers and teachers. While it's true that the space is tiny, especially for changing, it's a very small price to pay for such a comfortable atmosphere, good class rates, and--best of all--never sharing the pole with other students, which is important to me. I also like paying for a series, because it forces me not to let work or life get in the way of getting to class. - Zara D. 6/30/12

"My friend and I went to Shockra for the first time to take a Zumba class and it was awesome!!! Such an amazing workout and the instructor Lauren was so nice and motivating. She knew we were beginners and was able to accommodate us as well as the more advanced people. Definitely going back next week!" - Joanna K. 1/20/12

"I had no experience in dance and wanted to start in a supportive environment. All the instructors have been patient, kind, and great teachers. I have taken absolut pole, belly pole and private pole classes. Most of my classes have been with Keisha and she is great. She encourages me to do more than I think I can do. On the pole you get a great workout, improve cordination and your body. ShockRa is a great place-I have never felt anyway but at ease and with friends." - Eileen 12/15/11

"One word! Addiction. By my 3rd class in Absolute Pole with Keisha I purchased my own pole at home. It has been such an amazing experience for your mind and your body. I feel and look so much stronger. Keisha is an amazing teacher, at the beginning of every class, she's always teaching us new routines and tricks. And in the beginning, every single one of us is always shaking our heads, no... we can't do that. And guess what, we all manage to do so at some point. She provides a lot of one to one instruction with each student, pushing us to excel to the next level. I've taken several workshops with Keisha now, and she is by far one of the best pole teachers out there. Take a class! You won't regret it!" - jnhoebag 12/15/11

"So we went for my cousin's birthday and we had an AMAZING time. I really believe it had to do with our instructor Maine, she was great! If you do go make sure you request the instructor Maine, you won't be disappointed!" - J Erin 11/21/11

"Beginner hip hop was a BLAST and my teacher was awesome! The class was full of energy and I recommend it to friends all the time. Big thumbs up!" - Christina 11/18/11

"GREAT, GREAT, GREAT dance lessons. Took Hip Hop, and latin there and loved it. Friendly environment, great teachers. Highly Recommended!!!" - Dave 11/17/11

"Super love this place! Go get your energy pumped and swagger on here. The teachers are warm, not just talented dancers, but talented teachers. This is KEY and sets them apart from MANY other studios we've taken at." - BDGC 11/17/11

"I took Jessica's Level 1 3hr hip hop crash course and absolutely loved it! She is really fun and she makes you feel at ease." - Fanny 10/6/11

"I took 2 Beginner Workshops with Keisha; based off my experiences at SHOCKra and other studios, Keisha is probably my favorite instructor in NYC. Her warmup is an actual warm up - it will get your blood pumping and your muscles ready for the actual pole lesson; she also incorporates a lot of core strengthening work in the warm up. At the end of some classes she will have you freestyle, which is an overlooked part of learning to dance. Most importantly, Keisha definitely provides individual attention and makes sure that everyone is able to keep up.

"Before taking a dance class at Shockra Studios, I had 2 things stopping me from dancing: a) crippling fright and b) lack of rhythm. So I decided to take a private class and a 6 week hip hop course with Minila Shah. Minila is a GREAT TEACHER! First off she wants to cater to your needs by asking, "What are you looking for out of taking this class?" With that she molds what she's teaching to your weaknesses, your concerns, and your goals. Secondly, everything she teaches is ease to follow and not overly technical. Lastly, each class builds on the previous one but if your having trouble or you've missed a class, she isn't concerned about going back. So if you need to take a dance course in a comfortable environment with great instruction, Go to Shockra Studios!! - Brunet 9/28/11

The best thing about pole at SHOCKra is that you can track your progression (which is not always the case w/ drop-in classes) and you will be challenged. When I took the beginner workshop for the 2nd time, I was already familiar with the moves, so I was challenged to do some of the spins using one hand instead of 2 or challenged to descend from the pole differently from the newbies. And although you don't learn inversions until level 2, you will start to learn the basics of inversions in the beginner level." - Nina Y. 9/27/2011

"I thought Ajia was just amazing! This was my first class, and I really look forward to next week. Really great friends invited me, and I don't regret going. From beginning to end the music and moves were just exquisite. The steps make you feel really sexy. Ladies and gents you have to try it, you won't regret it!!!" Vickiana Arias 8/5/11

"I have to confess that I do have dance training, but as a former Irish step dancer I have been nervous about trying any form of dance that required upper body/core movement. SHOCKra has made learning belly dancing a blast and completely painless. Keisha is an excellent (!!!) teacher, and she makes the movements simple and fun to learn. Class is a group effort, as opposed to the competitive atmosphere of other dance classes in the city. I've gotten more confident my body and even about dancing in public (much to the chagrin of strangers who'd rather not witness my shimmy). Anyone hoping to learn a new form of dance or simply take a fun class will have a great time here!" - MishaSR 7/25/11

"Julie is a wonderful instructor! When you take her classes you will leave feeling happy,engergized, and stronger. She has a real passion for ballet and that shows! She is very quick to praise each student and will encourage students as they get better. Even when we unfortunately need to be corrected she does it in such a kind manner! She also has a happy personality that lights up the class. I've come to class in a bad mood but within minutes I can't even remember why I was grouchy! I always leave feeling happy and with a smile. I can't imagine anyone not genuinely liking Julie! Anyone that does not like her woud have to take a close look at themselves!!! To make a long story short, I reccomend this class to anyone wanting to learn ballet! Even if you have never danced befrorei n your life you will be welcome and have a blast! See you there!!!" - Elizabeth Ohlmuller - 7/21/11

“I've been coming to Julie's adult ballet classes for over a year now. I love this place! And I love Julie. She's patient and always has some wonderful bit of wisdom to share with the class. This studio is different than every other studio I've tried in Manhattan, where the adult ballet classes feel full of experienced students. Shockra is totally unintimidating and the classes feel more like a very healthy get-together with a bunch of friends. Thanks Julie (and Shockra)!!”- missy2041, 6/6/11

“I recently took a club/hip-hop beginner class here with Jessica and loved it! She truly is an awesome teacher - knowledgeable but approachable. She breaks down the moves step by step and is very attentive to her students. Jessica knows exactly how to pinpoint what you need to adjust in your dancing and is also encouraging when you're doing well! I enjoyed the class & would take one with her again! Class size at Shockra is small, so you don't have to worry about being swallowed up in a huge class. I've also taken belly dance & pole here, and I found those enjoyable as well.” – Sonja M., 5/10/11

“This studio just has a really good vibe. I felt very welcomed as soon as I came in. I took the absolute beginner hip hop workshop and had such a great time. Jessica is extremely nice, and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. She also learned everyone's name and seemed to genuinely like and want to help everyone in the class. I left feeling so good and I felt like I wanted to take a million more classes there. I did, in fact, sign up for the level 2 hip hop class, and can't wait for it to start. This is the place to go for beginners! very worth it!” – Torini, 5/5/11

“I loved this place. This was the first time I ever took a pole dancing class and it was the best ever! I would do it again. Our instructor Keisha was awesome too!” – Felisha C., 5/3/11

I have taken a few classes at Shockra, and I haven't been disappointed. Currently, I am taking a Vertical Pole class and it has added a new dimension to my love of the pole. This class incorporates stretches and strength training for the different aerial positions we are working towards executing. While at the same time, we are working on making it look fluid an artistic.Also, Zumba Fusion class is A+!! Love Yesid!” – A. M., 4/28/11

“Pole dancing here is a blast! Keisha is talented and accommodating, and teaches a mean 6 wk workshop. She really made a skinny white girl like me feel strong and sexy. It's a hard workout; be prepared for strange bruises and sore thighs. It will also make you seriously consider how to install a pole in your railroad apartment.” – Alice M, 4/25/11

“Shockra is a hidden secret that needs to be revealed. The prices are very reasonable for the classes. This is my second time attending a Pole dancing class at Shockra. All I can say is AMAZING. The instructor was so good the first time I requested her again. I can't wait to start my classes. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming. No matter your size or shape you leave that studio feeling as sexy as you want to be. They work with you & make it fun. Me and my friends are planning another party. If we could go every week we would.” – Patsie L, 3/31/11

“I've been taking Yesid's Zumba class for a few weeks now and I love love love the class!!! I am happily exhausted every week and think it is the most fun class I have ever taken besides Jessica's Hip Hop class, which was also fantastic. Yesid makes everyone feel comfortable. The environment is great and there is no embarrassment or harrassment. You are not judged if you can't do the moves exactly as he does at all. If you like Latin beats and dancing, this is the right class for is like one hour non-stop dancing at the club and nobody cares what you are wearing and the best of is a real kiss-ass workout :-)” Silvana L., 3/14/11

"I've been taking classes for the last 6 months and the atmosphere in the studio is = sexy & friendly. Gyms are definitely not for me, but I absolutely enjoy pole dancing!!! The best part: no pole sharing, great instructors and if you miss a class they will gladly accommodate you :o)” – Patricia Y., 3/8/11

“We took a Bollywood class with Minila as a pre-bachelorette party event and had an awesome time! It was a private class for 11 of us. We learned a bunch of moves and a routine that combined them all. We're planning to do a flash mob at the wedding and show everyone our skills. It was absolutely hilarious, fun, and unique - everyone should do this!!” – Meg W., 2/28/11

“Shockra Studio is amazing and full of diverse classes taught by encouraging teachers. I have had the pleasure of taking pole dancing classes with Ajia the last couple of months. A talented dancer always smiling and excited to be there, Ajia delivers a fun nonjudgmental environment that invites you to let loose and express yourself. She is extremely attentive to your needs and tailors her classes to your level – making it unintimidating and accessible. Classes begin with a warm-up, followed by conditioning work, pole instruction/choreography and ends with time to free style (I love the time to freestyle at the end of class because it really allows you to integrate everything you have learned and make the moves your own.)! Ajia’s classes have helped me improve in strength and confidence significantly. Key to this is her dedication to her students. She is always available during class for questions and assistance but goes the extra mile to work with you outside of class time. I can’t begin to count the times she has spent talking to me before or after class about training tips or new things I can work on. A great teacher with so much to offer, I couldn’t ask for better support and would highly recommend Ajia's classes! “ Liana L., 2/27/11

“I have been taking bellydance lessons with Keisha for quite some time now. My experiences with her have been great. Right away I felt comfortable with her. As an instructor she is very patient, kind and understanding. Her classes are always challenging, but in a good way. She has a method of explaining things and breaking down each movement so that you really understand what it is that you are supposed to be doing. Her style of teaching is unique in that she not only provides instruction on dance technique but she also provides you with all the tools needed to learn the dance (muscle conditioning/strengthening, stretching, musicality, history behind the dance, etc.). As someone who does not have a dance background I truly appreciate that. Keisha takes teaching very seriously and strives for all her students to be the best that they can be. I highly recommend taking classes with her if you want an instructor that can provide you with the total package. “ Tina, 2/13/11

“These classes have been an incredible boost to my self esteem and every aspect of heath. I first came with friends celebrating a birthday months ago, but after a memorable class with Keisha I knew I was coming back. For my birthday I decided to sign up for the 6wk/session classes and I am not looking back! We start and end with stretches and exercises that relaxed my mind and reminded me that it was all about me for this hour. During keisha's class we learned, soooo much I am still astonished at my growth. I would have never guessed I'd be climbing up the pole by the 3rd class and swinging backwards. I would have never believed in an hour I would be sweating and having fun, determined to be better than I was the week before. Keisha really gives the proper way the arms, hands, torso, legs, etc should be and what the negative effects could include. She shares her experience without a problem. Keisha gives us time to practice and even a freestyle song in every class. In addition, my whole body has changed for the better. My shoulders and arms are more toned and stronger, and I'm also more flexible. This class was judgement free and made it super fun to be sexy! Keisha instantly felt like a cool friend whom would give tips and pointers to help you execute the positions easier and look better doing them. I will continue to take these sessions because this has become a hobby. Shockra studios is a great warm place to learn all types of dance!” – Jazzlyn, 2/12/11

“I've been taking Yesid's Zumba class weekly for several months. Even after I joined a gym that offers Zumba 5 days a week with my membership, I'm happy to pay to take Yesid's class at SHOCKra every week. Aside from being a warm, fun, and nurturing instructor, he's an excellent dancer and has created an environment in his classes where dancers of any level can feel comfortable. There is no embarrassment or harrassment if you can't do the moves exactly as he does; he helps you with the moves without making you feel singled out. No time is wasted with a lot of noisy chatter in his classes. You're there to move, sweat, burn calories, and have fun. The heart rate is brought up very quickly and he keeps up the pace through until the warm-down. At the end of class, you definitely feel you've gotten a good workout!” Linda B., 1/31/11

“I was very happy with this class. It's the first time I looked forward to any kind of dance classes. I took a few in the past but never completed them, since I always felt overwhelmed and uncomfortable. This class finally got me to enjoy dancing and feel comfortable enough to stick with it, even if I don't look good doing it yet. I feel like i have learned so much. Jessica is a great instructor, she is patient, energetic and teaches moves that are practical to use on the dance floor. I definitely look forward to taking more classes with her!” - Tina K., 1/27/11

“I started taking pole dance classes with Amy at Shockra last fall, and she has played a big part in my progression over the last couple of months. Amy balances strength and athleticism with dance and musicality. One of the things I love most about her as a teacher is that she gets just as excited when seeing her students learn or perfect a new move as the students themselves! Her energy is always warm and encouraging, and her classes are planned carefully to ensure that the students come away with a sense of progress. And, she is always trying to improve the experience of her students by challenging herself to constantly learn and become a better dancer herself. She is fantastic!” – mgq919, 1/22/11

“This class was amazing, after leaving muscles were sore that i never even knew existed! The atmosphere and Carolyns teaching style made me feel very relaxed and peaceful while some how giving me one of the best workouts. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and have fun while doing poses like the pig, rat, monkey, and my personal favorite the dragon.” – Kristin T., 1/19/11

“I had a great time in this studio and was very impressed with how knowledgable the instructor was. She taught me things about my body that I never knew and the class was fun and I really felt the burn. Since my first time I've take 4 girlfriends there and it's our weekly routine now.” – Dina A., 1/12/11

“I've taken several pole workshops at SHOCKra and I love it! I immediately became addicted. Everyone there is very supportive and makes you feel super comfortable. Keisha is a wonderful instructor, I highly recommend her. She's beyond nice, helpful and so thorough. Every class is a new challenge and you will absolutely go home feeling stronger” – Cristie B., 11/9/10

I LOVE taking classes at Shockra. It's my stress relief for the week. Not only does it help you get in shape, it's extremely fun. My instructor, Keisha, ROCKS. I'm pretty klutzy and have never taken a dance class in my life. She is patient, supportive and encourages you to simply have FUN. Above all - she knows her stuff. Whether it concerns music, dance styles, body movements or the best way to hang upside down from a pole (LOL), she's knowledgeable and her love for teaching really shines through. The classes are small and above all - there's no judgment. You can go at your own pace AND you'll get individualized attention. Most important for me - Keisha's class taught me that it's okay to explore feeling sensual and seductive. I learned that sexiness can come in all shapes, sizes and levels of clumsiness. =)” – Eliza J., 11/2/10

Shockra Studios is a treasure, simple as that. The classes are reasonably priced, the offerings are diverse and the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. I've been coming to Shockra for bellydance classes since July, and it's been a real joy every step of the way, from the Absolute Beginner class to the Mixed Level Choreography class to the Veil class I'm about to take. My teacher Keisha has been amazing: supportive of my progress and willing to modify movements to add new challenges to old routines. She's also good-humored and obviously loves what she does. In just a few months, I can already feel myself getting much stronger and picking up the routines faster. If you can take classes here, by all means, do! I always leave the studios feeling worked out, refreshed, and energized.” – Avital I., 10/23/10

“I travel more than an hour to get to salsa on thursdays and sometimes tuesdays. It's more than worth the travel because Jose-Luis is the best instructor ever and the environment is pumped with energy and enthusiasm. Jose-Luis and the people in the salsa class are very friendly, funny and down to earth. It makes learning salsa so smooth and seamless. Jose-Luis breaks down every single step and shows you how to look sexy and incredible on the dance floor with the simplest salsa moves!” Denora W., 10/20/10

“I first started with a one-time class at Shockra, to test things out. I fell in love. I have been taking pole with Ajia for a little more than a month now, and I just can't get enough of it! Pole is a really fun workout, you challenge our body to do new things and move in a new way that makes you feel and look really sexy. Since I've taken the class, I got more flexible, more core and arm strength (aka sexier body , haha) and all that really fast! It's not the easiest thing, but Ajia is just so nice, smily and encouraging, she will really take time to help you out and give you good tips to get you where you want to be. She is such a sparkle to be around, funny and adorable. It's nice after a long day to come and play at Shockra! My advice to anyone reading this is to just GO For It, you won't regret -- you'll love it, you'll love yourself, your boyfriend will love you, and you'll love the adorable teachers that work there!” – Atalanta, 10/16/10

“I have been taking pole with Amy for about 4 months now and i am completely in love with pole!!! Amy is AMAZING!! She's talented, fun, energetic (which is great after a long day at work) and most importantly patient! Before her class the only pole skills i had was hanging on for dear life on the subway, since, I have seen my skills improve with every single class i take, my body is continuously challenged and i feel like sky's the limit!! I highly recommend trying it cause once you do you'll fall in love with SHOCKra, pole and AMY!!!” – Indira M., 10/13/10

“I went to pole dancing at Shockra few months ago with my sister, it was just for fun I was not expecting to fall in love with pole dancing at all!..I started with Amy and this is my third work out class i am taking with her!..Amy is fun and sexy! but also and more important, very prepared. she knows what she is doing in her lessons, she keep us engaged and ready to climb..her lessons are well coordinated from the choice of music she plays till the last exercise she is proposing to us... I feel safe during her class (cause pole is not just a sexy dance around a silver stick) and ready to learn more!.

The cool stuff about Amy is that she is teaching how to be girly and sexy and do crazy acrobatic things with the pole...the environment is very easy going and all girls are just nice and always smiling!. I'll keep following her!:)” – Evette C., 10/12/10

“The instructors at Shockra are awesome! They can take an absolute beginner, provide them a fun, safe environment, and transform them into a dancer with a real sense of movement and body awareness. I would highly recommend Shockra as the best NY Dance Studio. Jessica Hayden (owner) is such a bright light - she is HANDS DOWN the best instructor in the business! Experienced, patient, kind, and keeps things light and fun. It's a life changing experience! SHockra's motto is "ANYONE CAN DANCE"... and one lesson at their studio is proof that you really can!” – Kathy F., 10/10/10

“I came to Shockra because my girlfriend bought me 4 sessions of the "Absolute Beginner hip hop/club" class. I've always been afraid to dance and have never been able to do so in public (sober anyhow). I was the only guy in the class of 6 and was pretty nervous the first day. This instantly changed thanks to Jessica who was able to make me and the rest of the awkward and rhythmically challenged students feel comfortable from the get go. Jessica managed to make the class both enjoyable and productive.

I learned a lot in just four sessions and now feel comfortable dancing on any occasion. I highly recommend taking this class and/or private lessons with Jessica, there's no better way to start dancing.” – Ariel, 8/24/10

“I have been interested in hiphop for years and always wanted to learn how to dance like the guys in music videos, but I always played sports growing-up and never had a chance to learn. Then I found Shockra Studios online and read about their hip-hop beginner’s class. I was a little nervous on day one, but it has been great. Jess is an awesome teacher and has a unique way of breaking down complicated dance moves into something more manageable. Here energy and charisma is contagious. The Atmosphere gets you fired up every time. Jess seems to have the newest music and the hottest beats straight from the club. Class sizes are small, so you can easily ask questions and get 1-on-1 training. I also scheduled a private lesson to help get me to the next level. I always wanted to learn how to moon-walk and after 1 hr and some practice on my own, I am dancing like a natural. Before class I was shy on the dance floor, now after 4 sessions I have been known to circle people up at the bar and dance in the middle, totally dominating the dance floor…. Thanks Jess and Shockra for all the new moves…see you again in the fall!– Adomatic, 8/23/10

I love to dance but I'm not really a dancer. I was looking for a place to learn how to dance with good choreography and I was looking for a studio that will be able to teach me the basic and learn from there. I tried different dance studios to compare them and this is the only place that I really like and got comfortable with. The staff and my classmates are nice. The studio is small but that's ok because smaller classes are way better than bigger classes. The hip-hop teacher is SUPER COOL (Jessica - she's the founder also). I learned a lot from her. This place is really good for beginners who wants to learn how to dance. The dance routine are easy to follow but she would give you some good techniques to achieve your goal.” – Emilie D. 7/22/10

Though the studio is small, there are plenty of poles, and lots of mirrors so you can see what you're doing. The music was GREAT, because one of my fears was that I was going to have to dance to some old Whitesnake song or something. Classic rock does not make me feel sexy. We even got to make a request - which of course was Beyonce. Not surprisingly, pole dancing is a lot harder than it looks. However we did get to learn a few cool tricks, which made everyone happy. Our instructor Michelle was so very nice and TALENTED!!! We asked her to show us some tricks at the end of the class, and WOW. Damn. I officially want to come back and take more classes so I can get on her level.” – Miakka N., 8/16/10

“2 reasons Shockra is my favorite:1) The classes I've gone to are worth my money and time. I always leave feeling happy~2) Perfect location. I live uptown and I work downtown-it is exactly in the middle.I also co-threw to a pole dancing party here and it seriously rocked- Talk about a freakin' workout- arms were like dying!” – M.E.S., 6/11/10

“I have been taking Beginner and Advanced Beginner Ballet at SHOCKra with Julie for about a year now. Julie has created an intimidation free environment that allows you to learn ballet techniques and have fun without feeling self conscience. The class sizes allow Julie to give students individual attention and she makes sure that you get the work out you came for. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wanted to learn ballet and have fun in a comfortable setting! – LS81, 6/6/10

“I took my first Salsa Class with Jose Luis in 2001. I was doing a work book called "The Artist's Way" and I needed to take myself on a "art date." I was nervous but went to the class anyway. I stood in the back and followed along with the class. I immediately started to feel comfortable and the teacher was encouraging right away. I continued going to Salsa classes with Jose Luis for a long time after that. I made friends there and we met at clubs to dance and socialize. We still keep in touch even though I don't live in NYC anymore. I condinued taking dance classes and even joined a dance company later on... but that's me. My other friends just enjoyed the dance and the comraderie. I couldn't recommend anything more. Jose Luis is one of the best dance teachers I ever had. Clear instruction, fun and encouraging. You'll get so much more out his class than just learning to dance. So what are you waiting for? Go!!” – SalsaMom, 5/24/10

“I love this dance studio!! I took the Salsa I & II classes with Kat & Jose Luis Leon. I went in not knowing much about Salsa, but today I'm able to carry my own in a Salsa Club. Kat was an excellent teacher, she made dance class easy and really broke down the basics of the moves. Jose Luis was really easy going and made salsa class sooo much fun!!! Felt like we were at a friends house just dancing rather than in class. After class many of us would go out to test out our freshly learned moves. I also took the pole dancing class with Vicky. I was intimidated to take this class, but she made it easy to learn and set a very relaxed environment. I learned soo much in all of the classes and in the process made some amazing friends. Unfortunately, my job moved farther away from the city, so I can't go to class as often. But I still get invited to go out and whenever I pop back in, I'm greeted with warm welcomes. If you're in the area please take a class, the dance class is in a prime location, right near the 6 train by Murray Hill (28th btw lex & park ave). I promise you'll be happy you did!!!” – Asawant28, 5/24/10

“I have really enjoyed Shockra Studio! I've taken their Absolute Beginner pole and Bellydance/pole classes and have loved each one! In fact, I keep coming back to take their six week series over and over again. The instructor that I've worked with, Keisha, is very attuned to each student's level and does a great job of encouraging everyone to challenge themselves and improve upon skills that eventually become like second nature. She is warm, funny, and you honestly don't realize how the hour of dancing flew by so quickly. It's been wonderful to take a dance class in such a fun, positive setting. Even the women who I've met behind the counter are fabulous- it's so funny, I keep waiting for someone to be cold, rude, or just a little short with me (we are in New York City!), and it just hasn't happened here. The classes are all very professional, and you will definitely learn to do spins and inversions you never thought you'd be able to land. I'm not a dancer or especially athletic, and have loved witnessing myself learn movements that at first seemed totally impossible :)” – Bit S., 5/17/10

“Here's what I want to know: how can people who are gifted in some areas be hopelessly slow in others?? Take me, for example:Good at...-Writing (allegedly)-Long distance running-Cooking!Bad at...-Math-Foreign languages -DANCING.This is why I took a chance on Jessica's 6 week hip hop workshop. Really, if you're as rhythmically and spatially challenged as I am, you can't do better than this class. Jessica is funny, patient, and skilled at demystifying each move she introduces. I only mastered about 75% of what she taught , but now I can get up and dance at a party without having a panic attack, which was really the point of the course. – Jessica A., 11/20/09

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